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Eva Strizovska’s visit

On Sunday, April 18, a few members of our club met with Eva Strizovska, editor of the Czech Dialogue (Cesky Dialog) and author of a bilingual book about Texas Czechs. Eva Strizovska visited Kansas City on her way from a presentation at the University of Lincoln, Nebraska. She brought along a documentary film by Tomas Hasler titled Reconnecting With My Father. The film is about Karel Hašler, a Czech songwriter, actor, lyricist, film and theatre director, composer, writer, dramatist, screenwriter, and cabaretier. Karel Hašler was arrested by the Gestapo in September 1941 during the production of his film Městečko Na Dlani, and died in a concentration camp. Tomas Hasler will visit Kansas City this fall to speak in conjunction with the showing of the film. Please take the time to view Eva Strizovska’s magazine, the Czech Dialogue, at cesky-dialog.net.

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Annual meeting

The club’s annual meeting was held on Sunday, March 28. The main entertainment was provided by Freida Kossyk and her daughter Irene Thompson, who demonstrated their Easter egg decorating techniques to the club members. During this meeting the club president, Terry Smitka, also introduced the elected club officers for the year of 2010.

Club President – Terry Smitka
1st Vice President (Membership) – Iveta Blahut
2nd Vice President (Social/Programs) – Hana Buric
3rd Vice Presidents (EEC Commissioners) – Bob Bee, Mike Kalny
Recording Secretary – Sharon Short
Corresponding Secretary – Susan Zvacek
Treasurer – Jana Rooney
Historian – Gene Simon
Board Emeritus – Joyce Cox, Linda Vlasak, Jirina LaVine

Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic – Sharon K. Valasek
Honorary Consul of the Slovak Repulic – Ross P. Marine

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Now with photographs

A Photo page has been added, where you will be able to find yourself in photographs from the club’s past events and activities.

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As a member of the Kansas City Ethnic Enrichment Commission, our club always participates in the annual festival being held from Friday, August 21, through Sunday, August 23, in Swope Park.  Our participation will consist of volunteering in the operation of the festival, usually in the beer garden or at the gate, and also operating our own booth.  We sponsor the booth in order to hand out information about our club as well as sell some cultural items for the benefit of the club.   Although our booth is strictly our responsibility, the festival does pay us for each volunteer that we provide for the festival itself.  We were able to raise over $500 last year from our volunteers.    Please consider helping our club by donating two hours of your time to work at the gate, in the beer garden, or in our booth.  Mike Kalny is our representative to the Ethnic Enrichment Commission and can be contacted at 913-962-2145 or mikekalny@aol.com.   Please let Mike or Terry Smitka know if you would be able to volunteer this year.   Your help would be greatly appreciated and will provide funds for the club to host future programs.

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As we approach the holidays and the New Year, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your past support and ask you to renew your membership for 2009. In filling out your renewal form, the club would particularly like your email address in order to make contacting you easier and quicker. Although we were not as active in

2008 as we hoped, we still were able to provide a number of programs.

We began the year with our annual meeting before Easter. We also held a cooking class, a genealogy class, and participated in the Kansas City Ethnic Festival. This Fall we hosted a meeting by Gail Naughton from the flooded Czech and Slovak Museum in Cedar Rapids, IA. We also co-sponsored with Visitation Church the performance of the Czech girls singing group “Jitro” this October. With 2009 being the 20th anniversary of the fall of communism in Czechoslovakia, we hope to participate in several interesting events next year that commemorate this historic period. We are a small club with a little over 100 individual and family members and we do our best to try and preserve the culture of our forefathers. The Board hopes you enjoy the various events that we plan and help support the club with your dues and participation. Please help us by recommending the club to other family members and friends that might have an interest. Also, keep in mind that guests are always welcome to any of our events. So please return your dues by the first of the year or bring them to the St.

Mikulas event so we can make sure you receive information on all upcoming programs. Please let us know as well if you would like to become more active in the governance of the club. We are always open to energetic people with new ideas.

Annual Dues
Single $15  Family $20

Please make check payable to:
The Czech and Slovak Club of Greater Kansas City

Send application and payment to:
Jana Rooney
6425 Valley Road
Kansas City, MO  64113

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