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St. Mikuláš

Come and celebrate the tradition of St. Mikulaš with delicious food, music, and culture. This event is always fun for the children who will receive a traditional gift package from the club as well as a visit from St. Mikulaš himself. Non-members are always welcome as we observe this annual Czech and Slovak event.

We also ask that each parent bring a small wrapped gift for each of their children with name attached.

When: Sunday, December 6
Time: 2:00 PM until 4:30 PM
Location: Sylvester Powell Jr. Community Center, 6200 Martway, Mission, KS 66202
Phone: 913-722-8200
Cost for members: Free
Cost for nonmembers: $10 per family. This can be applied towards a 2016 membership.
Entertainment: To be determined

2:00 – 2:30  Gather and musical entertainment
2:30 – 3:15  Potluck Meal – We ask that each family bring a dish as follows:

Last Name:  A through L- meat/main dish,

M through R – vegetable/salad,

S through Z – dessert/appetizer

3:15 – 4:30  Visit from St. Mikulaš, children’s gifts, and other activities

The club will provide soft drinks, plates, and other utensils

Kids, can you sing a song, read a poem, tell a story, do a trick? Then share your talents with St. Mikulaš on a voluntary basis.

Please RSVP to Terry Smitka at 816-217-9487 or tsmitka@rwbaird.com by December 4, 2015. Please provide number of adults & children who will be attending so we can make proper preparations.

We hope you can join us for this fun afternoon. If icy or snowy conditions exist during the morning of December 6, please contact Terry Smitka before departing in case we need to cancel the event.

St. Mikulaš Tradition

    In the Czech and Slovak Republics, the excitement of St. Mikulaš Day begins early. Children practice their poems or songs in anticipation of this occasion. They tend to act extra nice to their siblings or help out their parents more in hopes that they may make up for all the times they have been naughty.

As tradition goes, on December 5th, the eve of St. Milulaš Day, cherub children’s faces, wide-eyed in anticipation, glance out their window waiting. Then they hear the knock and squeal with excitement. St. Milulaš takes out his book about the children reciting what they have done good or bad, as the children anxiously peer from angel to devil.

St. Mikulaš asks the children to sing a song or recite a poem that they have been practicing for this event. By doing so, St. Mikulaš rewards them with sweets, candy, or other treats that are handed out by the angel. Meanwhile, the devil may try to frighten the children, especially if they have not been good this year, and then threaten to take them in his sack to hell. Some children stand scared or cry(while others laugh at the devil‘s antics), but the angel always rescues the children from the grasp of the devil. If the children were good, they would receive a stocking full of fruits, nuts, sweets, and other goodies. If the children were bad, they would receive coal or potatoes in their stocking usually along with a couple of goodies.

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